Currently, logistics service in Vietnam accounted for 15-20% of GDP (about 12 billion U.S. dollars). If alone,the most important stage of the transport logistics, accounts for 40-60% of the cost, it also has a hugemarket services. It is expected that by 2015, the volume of imports and exports would more than double thecurrent. Transport demand will increase and therefore the solution of the Housing handling logisticsprofessionals will also ample to meet the requirements towards freeing fast and convenient at the warehouseand foot works.

Tend to use sideloader has become popular in countries with developing logistics operations have confirmedthe advantages and differences, are considered two of a solution that is both a function of the truck tractor(trailer) both functions of a crane (mobil crane) has a lifting capacity of 50 tons.

Needs of the export / import more difficult to meet the increasing cargo volumes while developing the ability to source vehicles and trailers can hardly meet the proportional dimensions of volume. A cargo of 15containers imported at the same time to use the 15 truck tractor while the ability to draw every day is limited by the materials stored procedures as well as many other reasons. So, to pay for the cost of storing the carin storage as well as problem solving feeding accommodation for the driver problem caused headaches forimporters in the country. A vehicle can land dozens sideloader container yard / warehouse customers reducethe time a container no more than 4 minutes and occupies an area of ​​land where container operations are notmore than the area needed for the truck tractor that works action.

At stations domestic goods or goods at the point of transfer Laos border (Savanhkhet, Vien blanket, Bo Y...); Vietnam-China border (Mong Cai, Lang Son ..) the loading and unloading equipment hire with a lifting capacity of 50 tons a very difficult and very costly. Sideloader both optimal logistics solution for efficientexploitation of these two functions in one (medium lift transport medium), both are distinctive customer benefit oriented.

With sideloader, expand market opportunities in the transport sector more attractive channel customersincluding:
  - Leasing or selling container to contractors at construction sites. Currently image ahead of the truck tractor, followed crane lifting 50 tons is unprofessional image logisticss activities which so far has not yethired a company to change. Main sideloader will help create a revolutionary change.
- System Services closed city garbage if used in coordination with contaner sideloader specialized solution would be environmentally friendly, convenient and quick and economical to collect and release garbage fromresidential areas for handling crowded beach.
- In the area exploit minerals such as coal, bauxite, clinker or the vera plant timber, with sideloader andspecialized containers will top officials open- worth a tidy, safe and effective whole job from production,regrouped to the beach or to the port awaiting export on board.
- Equipped with a bed or flat- flat- rack, sideloader can transport machinery, motor vehicles, equipment, bulktill the construction and humbled remote devices without having to hire a crane.
- Along with the development trend of the whole country, Danang will towards a liveable city and is accompanied by logistic solutions through revolutionary advantages as mentioned above will be the rightsolution local advocated.

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