Career orientation

Future career orientation is correct?

For the right direction, you first need to answer three questions: What are your real propensities and interests in life? Does work bring you financial benefits? How likely are you to be successful in doing that job?

Often, the field of study determines your future career. However, this fact has now changed due to the richer industry, the more technically advanced science and technology, the more diverse job requirements. A financial educator may later be a human resources engineer, a mechanical engineer who can be a web designer, a literary bachelor who can travel ... and a lot of people actually do. Good job by tapping into your hidden capabilities. So, how to have proper career orientation?

Detect personal orientation

Many students do not know what their own desires are, while the life span of students is a time that has a profound effect on their future life and maturity. Many people choose not to study because of the interest or personal passion but because of the influence of relatives, because of the pressure of social status, the general trend ... until the difficulty in finding. They become puzzled.

According to experts, if you encounter an unprofessional job, do not refuse because finding the right job is what you learned is difficult and unnecessary. It is important to prove to your employer your level of interest in the job and future career prospects.

In agreement with these concepts, Le Hong Minh, a graduate of the Faculty of Information Technology at the Polytechnical University, is now an interpreter for Scintech's director, saying: "Do not overlook the opportunity to find yourself capable. Development in a certain field, because that shows that they have a tendency to rise even if the industry. "

Consider financial benefits

In choosing a career as well as choosing a job, the financial promises that the majors offer are always considered carefully. Once you have identified your personal propensity, consider whether it will bring you significant financial benefits. After all, money not only addresses the most fundamental needs of life, but also stimulates the ability of people to work. A Y-college graduate would not accept her as a parent, no matter how much she loves her child, a technical graduate would not be a motorcycle shop employee ...

In this regard, Le Ngoc Lan, a graduate of the University of Fine Arts, now an employee of Eagle Advertising Printing Company, has a more practical look: "My friends ask for work, but can not because there There is no land for "acting," which also means that the income will be low, and five years will cost you too much. In summary, considering the financial benefits and considering the correlation between the discipline and the nature of work is what is needed.

Predict the level of success

Over the past two years, Truong Hong, Nguyen Huu Dung, Le Van Quang students, graduated from the Semi-Public College of Marketing, opened a printing and bankruptcy foundation three months later. The main reason is drawn not to anticipate the complexity of the business, knowledge has not come close to reality.

Accepting to work incorrectly with the industry is also about accepting the competition from other colleagues who are highly qualified in the industry. Success with that or not, "- Zhang Hong acknowledged.

What is success?

Mr. Trinh The Hiep, a human resources consultant, explained simply: Success is to do and do a good job. Obviously, in particular industries like law, medicine, mechanics ... those who lack the expertise will surely lose out against others. As for the fields of administration, office, secretarial ... everyone seems to have equality at either an introductory or advanced level.

Scansia Pacific CEO Nguyen Chien Thang said: "Qualifications and interviews are just hiring tools. What is most needed in an employee is performance. So try to exploit your personal ability and always for the sake of work, success will come.

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