General meeting of shareholders

On May 26, 2012 in Da Nang, Saigonship Da Nang Joint Stock Company held the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders in 2017. The General Assembly approved many important contents, including the target 21,532,942,000 turnover And 1,270 billion dong of pre-tax profit for 2017.

The Congress represented 1,553,500 shares accounting for 96.88% of the total 1.603.500 shares of the Company attending the meeting under the control of the Chairman of the delegation including: Mr. Do Ngoc Lam - Owner Chairman of the Board, Mr. To Van Hiep - Member of the BOD cum General Director.

On behalf of the Board of Management, Mr. To Van Hiep - Member of the Board of Directors cum General Director reported the results of operation in 2016.
  • 2016 is considered as a challenging year for the Vietnamese economy. Although the economic growth rate was only 6.21%, this level did not meet the target of growth. But in the context of unfavorable world economy, falling global prices and trade, the country is facing many difficulties due to complicated weather and sea environment. To properly and promptly determine the effectiveness of the measures and solutions promulgated by the Government, to drastically direct all levels, branches and localities.

  • In the context of the recovery of the world economy, many risks, Vietnam economy has shown signs of improvement in both production and business aspects as well as macroeconomic stability.
  • However, the economy still contains many challenges when the economic stability is not sustainable, irregularly restored, growth is based more on the FDI sector.

Opportunities and challenges of the economy intertwined strongly with the business activities of Saigonship JSC Da Nang in the past year, requiring the efforts of all employees to complete the business targets. 2016.
The Annual General Meeting of Shareholders of Saigonship Da Nang Joint Stock Company in 2017 also passed many important contents as follows:
  • Passing Report of the Board of Directors and Supervisory Board Report of the Board of Supervisors
  • Approved Financial Report 2016
  • Approved the 2017 allocation plan
  • Approved the Remuneration Scheme for the Board of Directors in 2017
  • Through the selection of an independent auditing company to audit the financial statements of Saigonship Da Nang Joint Stock Company in 2017: AFA Vietnam Auditing Limited Company
With the high proportion of votes cast in the program content, the Da Nang Saigonship Da Nang General Assembly has been very successful. The Board of Directors and staffs of the Company have determined that there will be many challenges in implementing the business objectives but will confidently complete the plan approved by the General Assembly of Shareholders.
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